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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Elizabeth Warren

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding whether Elizabeth Warren is a good choice to head The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection. Here’s how I see it:

Pros: Her appointment will show Obama and his administration definitively prioritizing Main Street over Wall Street. Also, Ms. Warren is an academic, not a politician or Washington insider, which I think will give her a fresh perspective. The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection was also Ms. Warren’s idea, which she originally proposed in 2007, before the vast majority of Americans new that anything was wrong.

Cons: It may be a struggle to get the Senate to confirm Ms. Warren as she is not perceived as a being politically neutral. Also, some do not believe she is qualified for the job based on lack of experience or inadequate academic credentials.

All in all, I think she is a great choice to help fix the system that desperately needs fixing. Lately, politics, for better or for worse, has been about the outsider, about the grassroots involvement and the choice of the people. When we thought the White House had failed us, we brought in a previously little-known Senator by the name of Barack Obama as previously apolitical people got involved with grassroots campaigning. Now that the banks have failed us, isn’t it time Obama appoints the people’s choice, namely, Ms. Warren?

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“I Hopped Off the Plane at LAX with a Dream and My Cardigan…” - Miley Cyrus

I just love a good cardigan; they are a preppy staple and quite prominent in my wardrobe. They add instant polish and warmth - both of which are always a plus in my book. Here are some ways to wear them:

1. long cardigans over leggings for early morning classes
2. shorter cardigans over dresses instead of a bolero jacket
3. in place of a blazer for a corporate/dressy occasion
4. over an oxford shirt with the sleeves rolled up

I especially love J. Crew cardigans. The Kate Spade 'kimi' cardigan is my most recent cardigan purchase – I’m now obsessed with it but have yet to wear it!

P.S. Cardigans are popular among women, but what do you think of guys wearing cardigans? Personally, I'm a fan.

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Nail Polish

For the past year, I’ve been loving purple nail polish of all sorts. Particularly, I've been into lavender as a fresh summer alternative to pinks and corals. I think this color is a little chicer and more unexpected than standard pink. Here are two of my favorites:

OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender

American Apparel L’Esprit – although this color looked slightly bluer than I expected once I put it on.

Also, while I know many people love a french manicure, I am not a fan. To me, short, rounded nails with clear or colored polish is the classy way to go.

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